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Wedding Dresses 2022

  • Kemedress

    Mermaid V Neck Tulle Lace Backless Wedding Dress

    Daintily adorned with the most refined lace, this wedding gown captures the essence of bridal elegance. The bodice, structured with a deep V-neckline, exudes a confident allure, while the meticulous appliqué work introduces a textural beauty that...

  • Kemedress

    White Ball Gown Satin Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress

    Dazzlingly designed to be the centerpiece of your special day, this wedding dress is a modern take on the quintessential princess gown. The off-shoulder neckline is both demure and alluring, with just enough display to accentuate the beauty of the...

  • Kemedress

    White Mermaid Spaghetti Straps Wedding Dress

    Daringly delicate in its design, this wedding dress captures the essence of modern bridal elegance. The sleek silhouette is suspended by slender spaghetti straps, dipping into a subtle V-neckline that flirts with the border of tradition and modernity...

  • Kemedress

    White Mermaid Tulle Lace Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress

    Distinguished by its breathtaking elegance, this wedding gown is an exquisite masterpiece designed for the most unforgettable moment. The off-shoulder neckline is edged with delicate lace, giving way to a fitted bodice that beautifully frames the upper...

  • Kemedress

    White Tulle Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress

    Dulcet and dramatic, this wedding gown is a modern fairytale come to life. The off-shoulder neckline is a tender embrace, softening the décolletage with sheer grace. Corseted bodice construction ensures a silhouette that’s both supportive...

  • Kemedress

    White Mermaid Straps Wedding Dress With Train

    Dually enchanting and modern, this wedding gown redefines bridal elegance with its combination of classic style and contemporary detail. The fitted bodice, with a deep sweetheart neckline and sleek cold-shoulder straps, offers a touch of modern allure...

  • Kemedress

    White Satin Backless Bow Wedding Dress

    Discerningly tailored to celebrate the joyous union, this wedding dress offers a resplendent simplicity that speaks volumes. The clean lines of the bodice pair seamlessly with the voluminous skirt, creating a visual symphony of understated detail and...

  • Kemedress

    Simple White Mermaid Wedding Dress

    Definitively elegant, this wedding dress is an ode to the simplistic yet profound statement of true love. The gown features an off-shoulder neckline that drapes with a gentle fold, creating a soft frame for the face and collarbone. The fitted bodice...

  • Kemedress

    White Mermaid Tulle Appliques Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

    Defined by its romantic allure, this gown's intricate lace detailing creates a vision of floral opulence that cascades from the bodice to the sweeping train. The sheer sleeves drape elegantly off the shoulder, adding a touch of whimsy to the structured...

  • Kemedress

    White Tulle Lace Strapless Wedding Dress

    Distinguished by its understated sophistication, this wedding dress is a harmonious blend of texture and silhouette. The bodice’s lace embroidery is the focal point, offering a delicate yet striking detail that demands closer admiration. Below, the...