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Shipping Policy

For shipping, we mainly use DHL, UPS, EMS, FEDEX etc, that depends on the place you are in.
Estimated Delivery Time:
For Special Occasion Dresses, Wedding Dresses:
All the dresses are not in stock, whether choosing a standard size or custom measurements, all our dresses are personally tailored for you from scratch. Now, we need about 14-17 days to processing your order and about 3-7 days for shipping. So, we advise you to expect the delivery to take approximately 17-24 days(some dress with heavy handmade work need around 25 days). For rush order, dress can be finished in 10 days, and then 3-5 days for shipping, So, that means, if you choose rush order, dress will take about 10-15 days to you, your patience means you get the best designs and quality. Definitely worth the wait!
For Casual Dresses, you can get the item you ordered about 10 days after you placed order.

Shipping Cost:

For Special Occasion Dresses, Wedding Dresses, Based on the dress weight, varies from USD 30-USD 45.

Weight from 0-2kg,Shipping cost:30usd

Weight from 2-5kg,Shipping cost:45usd

For Accessories, Based on the dress weight, gennerally is around USD 8- USD 25.

Weight from 0-2kg,Shipping cost:8usd

Weight from 2-5kg,Shipping cost:25usd

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