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Strapless Wedding

  • Kemedress

    Sexy White Tulle Strapless Appliques Wedding Dress

    Frolic through your wedding day in this enchanting dress, designed to make you feel like you've stepped out of a romantic fairytale, but are you ready to capture every heart as you walk down the aisle? Featuring an exquisite off-the-shoulder neckline...

  • Kemedress

    White Mermaid Strapless Satin Pleats Wedding Dress

    Futuristic yet timeless, does this wedding gown catch your eye as the perfect fusion of modern and classic? This stunning strapless dress is designed to make a dramatic impact, with its smooth, contoured bodice and a daring thigh-high slit that offers a...

  • Kemedress

    White Tulle Strapless Pleats Wedding Dress

    Fulfilling your fairy-tale fantasies, could this gown be the one to transform your wedding day into the magical event you've always imagined? This enchanting dress features a strapless design with a bodice lavishly adorned with soft, voluminous ruffles,...

  • Kemedress

    White Tulle Strapless Pleats Feather Wedding Dress

    Guaranteed to mesmerize, is this the wedding dress that will perfectly encapsulate your unique style and grace on your special day? This piece features a distinctive corset bodice, richly adorned with sparkling embellishments and dynamic textures that...

  • Kemedress

    White Satin Lace Strapless Pocket Wedding Dress

    Showcasing sculptural simplicity, this satin A-line bridal gown is a testament to timeless design. The silhouette, classic and universally flattering, begins with a strapless, straight-across neckline that offers a canvas of smooth satin, inviting the...

  • Kemedress

    Unique White Satin Strapless Wedding Dress

    Unveiling Elegance with every step, this A-Line wedding gown is a modern masterpiece designed for the bride with a vision of timeless sophistication. The strapless sweetheart neckline is a tribute to love's gentle curve, complemented by a structured...

  • Kemedress

    White Mermaid Tulle Strapless Pearls Wedding Dress

    Throne of Splendor, this wedding dress is a regal ode to the mermaid silhouette, designed for the bride who is unafraid to revel in her majestic day. Embellished with thousands of shimmering sequins, the bodice fits snugly, reflecting light in a display...

  • Kemedress

    White Satin Strapless Pleats Wedding Dress With Train

    Time-honored grace is elegantly woven into the fabric of this stunning A-line wedding dress. Its classic strapless neckline is a tender nod to bridal tradition, while the gentle wrap across the bodice introduces a touch of modern refinement. The fabric,...

  • Kemedress

    White Satin Strapless Pleats Split Wedding Dress

    Tasteful allure radiates from this exquisite strapless bridal gown, designed for the bride who desires a blend of classic charm and contemporary flair. This dress features a clean, strapless neckline that enhances the décolletage, leading down to...