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Kemedress dedicated to providing professional wedding dresses and special occasion dresses for those beauties since 2009. And now we need your help to let more and more ladies know about our dresses. Check our blogger policy and contact us now!

Blogger Policy


1. Your blog must have 5,000+ followers(via bloglovin or google friend).
2. You have at least 30000+ followers with one of your social networking(Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube) accounts with high quality post content.


1. One dress of our website will be offered from 39.99$ to 150$ as your wish.
2. The reward will also be increased since we get a long-term cooperation. It mainly depends on the incoming traffics.

Cooperation Details

1. Please put our Promotion Icon on the frontpage of your blog. This icon will links to the front page of our site.
2. Please share your thoughts on our clothing through all your social networks.
3. We will reserves the right to collect photos of your post, use the information of your post.
4. The posts should be published within 14 days since receiving the items.
5. Please email us once you publish your photos and comments.
6. All the Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter posts must add @kemedress and #kemedress tag.